Submission in English

Basic requirements:

Only original texts based on research findings that have never been published as separate articles or parts of a monograph will be considered. The articles sent to the editorial committee undergo anonymous peer review. All texts should be submitted in English (American or British spelling).

Belarusian scholars are highly encouraged to submit materials in English. In exceptional cases, authors can submit their original contributions in Belarusian and/or Russian. The editorial team can provide assistance with translation, and, if necessary, consultations on publication matters.

Articles of foreign authors should be related to the following countries: Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Baltic states. Comparative studies of the region are especially encouraged. Broader comparative research involving at least one priority country as a case is also relevant.

Minimum article size is 30,000 characters (10,000 for book reviews) and maximum is 55,000 characters (22,000 for book reviews).  In addition to the text, the following information must be submitted: a) information about the author; b) abstract of the text; c) 4-5 keywords (tags).

Information about the author should contain research field or discipline, country, academic affiliation and administrative status, and other essential information, not to exceed 2-3 sentences.

Abstract should reflect the main ideas of the text and should not exceed 120 words.

All submitted papers must adhere to the American Political Science Association Style (see:

Materials for publication will be accepted until May 15, 2016

Expected time of publication: November 2016.

Submission of articles is conducted online.
Please send materials and questions to

Download in pdf: BPSR Vol. 4 Call for papers 2016