Call For Papers: A Culture of Institutions – Institutions of Culture (Ulbandus XVII). Submission deadline is August 1, 2015

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Cultural production in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia has often been defined by the complex interactions between artists and the institutions that support and often seek to control them. From Pushkin’s fraught relationship with tsarist censorship to the peredvizhniki’s defiant break with the Imperial Academy of the Arts, from the Soviet state’s uneasy reception of the Nobel Prize to the market forces of the post-socialist publishing industry, institutions have loomed large over the cultural landscape of the region.

This issue of Ulbandus seeks to explore the various ties between artists and institutions, broadly construed, and the effect of these relationships on the ideology, distribution, and consumption of art and culture in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. We are seeking submissions on topics including, but not limited to:

• state and/or private patronage systems;
• socialist Writers Unions and other cultural guilds;
• dissident movements;
• émigré presses;
• the influence of periodicals;
• world literary space and consecration;
• depictions of bureaucracy/bureaucrats/chinovniki;
• the artist as bureaucrat;
• censorship and self-censorship;
• organized religion in artistic production;
• unofficial art (Moscow Conceptualism, Fluxust East, A-Community, etc.);
• samizdat, tamizdat, and unofficial publications;
• institutional recognition;
• national and international literary prizes (Nobel, Shevchenko, Nike, etc.);
• museums, concert venues, and exhibition spaces;
• national school curricula;
• educational institutions (of artistic production, of criticism, of theory);
• film and television production studios;
• public and privately funded artistic and cultural festivals;
• E.U. cultural funding practices in Eastern Europe;
• normalization practices of state and private institutions;
• anti-institutional movements (Collective Action, “Hapsoc” series in Bratislava, etc.);

Ulbandus is a peer-reviewed journal catalogued on JSTOR and the MLA International Bibliography. It is edited and published by the graduate students at Columbia University’s Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Since its founding in 1977, Ulbandus has published outstanding work from graduate students and established scholars. Ulbandus welcomes submissions of relevant new translations, original art, and reviews of relevant and recent books in the field as well as traditional scholarly articles from any related discipline.

Submissions should be no more than 8,000 words (book reviews: 1,000 words), including notes, and should follow the Chicago style guidelines.

All submissions and inquiries should be sent to Submission deadline is August 1, 2015. Early submissions are encouraged.

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