Belarusian Political Science Review Volume 3, 2014-2015

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We are glad to present you a digital version of the third volume of Belarusian Political Science Review.

bpsr3Belarusian Political Science Review

Volume 3, 2014-2015

Title (pdf)

Contents (pdf)

Abstracts (pdf) / Анатацыі (pdf)

Political Institutions

Palina Prysmakova. Why Does China Invest in Belarus? Billions of Loans from Perspective of Chinese Local Governments (pdf)

Dzmitry Isajonak (Dzmitry Isayonak), Tacciana Čyžova (Tatsiana Chyzhova). Evolution of Production Facilities’ Privatisation Model in Belarus from 1990 to 2013: Background, Concepts, Results (pdf)

Aliaksandr Papko. Towards Predatory State? Origins and Mechanisms of State Offi cials’ Extortion in Russia (pdf)

History of Ideas

Alieh Dziarnovič (Aleh Dziarnovich). In Search of a Homeland: “Litva/Lithuania” and “Rus’/Ruthenia” in the Modern Belarusian Historiography (pdf)


Aliaksandr Paharely. A Long-Expected and Timely Book (pdf)

Aliaksandr Paharely. A Perpetual Borderland (pdf)

Michael C. Hickey. Jewish Life in Belarus: The Final Decade of the Stalin Regime (1944–1953) (pdf)

Liuboǔ Kozik (Liubou Kozik). The Myths and Symbolism of Poland’s Independence Day (pdf)

Andrej Krot (Andrei Krot). Roman Catholic Clergy: The Path to Belarus (pdf)

Editorial Language Policy and Transliteration Principles (pdf)

Authors of the Issue (pdf)

Last (pdf)

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